Bigg Phill

The Man

Every once in awhile a talented young person comes by and in a few short moments one can immediately tell, “there’s something very special here…” “Once in a great while, someone comes along and just knows what to say and how to say it.”

The Stats
Home: Chicago Age: 23 Compared to L.L. Cool J.

Major Accomplishments : 3 Years in the Military

Favorite past time: performing and writing

Credo: Refusin ' Ta Die Unknown

"Bigg" does not just define his name, it's everything that defines him.

Ethics, determination, charm, image.

Creating from his own deeply personal history, he has seen the demands of a South Side of Chicago childhood, and the rewards that disciplined Military training ensures.

"He is talent personified, and he's armed with the “Baddest” beats and music around", says his childhood friend & producer, TiZone. "Be prepared to by a true one of a kind".