Riders of the Storm: The Underwater Album

Pendulum Records

The Boogie Monsters dropped their debut full length "Riders Of The Storm" on Pendulum Records. Their sound was very different from the rest of the groups who were around at the time, bringing more lighthearted, as well as philosophical elements to the tracks. Influenced by more conscious groups like A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul, the Monsters attracted the same receptive audience, although their commercial lifespan was paradoxically limited by the same virtues that made them different.

Boogie Monsters: Mondo, Vex, Yodared, Myntric. Additional personnel: Cosmic Ray, Xtreem, Basic, Ajaru, Baba Wisdom (vocals), Mike Tyler (guitar, bass), Darren "Smooth" Lighty, Scott "The Rapper" Storch (keyboards), Clinton "Bumpin' Bass-Payback-Head Against The Wall" Sands (bass), The LG Experience, D! (programming), Lord Jazz (scratches), The Flex (background vocals). Producers: D! (tracks 1-4, 6-13); Boogiemonsters (track 5). Samples include "The Bridge" (as performed by M.C. Shan), "Find Yourself" (as performed by The Meters), "Genius Of Love" (as performed by Tom Tom Club) and "She's Strange" (as performed by Cameo).

The Source (10/94, pp.83-84) - 3.5 Stars - Dope - "...What makes RIDERS OF THE STORM: THE UNDERWATER ALBUM one of the most satisfying cool-out albums since the Tribe's last effort, is how they successfully sustain their vibe through all 12 songs..."
Vibe (9/94, p.134) - "...They rap about everything from women to the negative state of the world, and they have a delivery versatile enough to handle all of it. The New York quartet's excellent debut maintains a new perfect balance of samples and live instruments..."
Urb (10/94, p.55) - "...Lyrically, these brothers sport the tag team wrestling match type flow, with each member competently going for self within the beat-balanced cipher..."
New Musical Express (9/3/94, p.50) - 8 - Excellent - "...Smart, mild and witty, Boogie Monsters dish out more than most palates could digest in one sitting..."