Some things are well worth the long wait, and new music by talented R&B songstress Chante Moore is no exception!!

Her latest album "Exposed" (MCA) has been in stores since last year, and is still on fire!! The first taste of this tasty new music was a red-hot track, produced by Jermaine Dupri, called "Straight Up". Now, catch her latest video for "Bitter", which features a cameo by one of R&B's biggest people (surprise!!).

Check out the album, and click on Chante at the right to visit her new website to get all the info on one of R&B's sexiest ladies!!

A little bit of Chante's history

The San Francisco-born Chante Moore has tapped into the public's conscience via four albums, Precious, which spawned the hits "Love's Taken Over", "It's all right", and her classic duet with Keith Washington, "Candlelight And You". Precious was followed by A Love Supreme, which featured the Deneice Williams/Lionel Richie combo "Free/Sail On", "This Time", and "Old School Lovin'". Critical acclaim led to appearances on "The Arsenio Hall Show", "Showtime At The Apollo", and "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno. Her third release "This Moment Is Mine" was full of mature, sexy songs that elevated this songstress to a new level of success.

Throughout This Moment Is Mine, Moore took on facets of disillusionment felt by many a woman and gives them precious nuggets of hope. On her first single, "Chante's Got A Man", Moore evoked a powerful and forthright declaration that yes, there are still good men in the world. The Dianne Warren-penned "I See You In A Different Light" featured JoJo from Ki-Ci & JoJo, and reflected subtle changes one sees in another that casts a whole new light on a relationship. That train of thought continued with "Easy", a hypnotic and seductive sentiment that simply says "I'd like so much just to please you.", and she does. "In My Life" brings dreams to reality when true love is finally found and she can now begin to live. Chante's themes came full circle with the anthemic title track, a composition so breathtaking and worldly that it became the fitting ending to an album very worthy of wide acclaim.

Chante's extraordinary beauty evokes instant adoration, attention, and praise, whether she is in an intimate setting or on the world stage. It all comes back to that voice and those messages of love and happiness contained in every song she scripts that indelibly characterizes her as a universal icon. "The title of the album This Moment Is Mine was perfect because I'm going to seize each moment...I'm going to keep fighting as hard as I can fight because I know my destiny --- success. Whatever level that is, fine. I will not compromise my spiritual beleifs or my musical standards." And like the first touches of spring's warmth, Chante Moore knows that this moment is hers, and she's open to let the world share this moment with her.