"Business Never Personal"


Erick 'E' Sermon (born 25 November 1968, Brentwood, Long Island, New York,) and Parrish 'P' Smith (born 13 May 1968, Brentwood, Long Island, New York) are two rappers who wrote their own chapter in the still unfinshed book of Hip Hop. EPMD stood for Erick And Parrish Making Dollars. Success and empoerment was the group's theme. Taking samples from rock music, as well as underground dance music, their music was full of funk and uptempo energy.

Among their early recordings was the hit 'So Whatcha Sayin'. "Strictly Business" and "Unfinished Business", were two great pieces of work that not only helped bring awareness of Long Island's potential, but cemented their place in Hip Hop history. "Unfinished Business" included tracks with K-Solo (Kevin Madison), who had previously worked in a pre-EPMD band with Smith, and would go on to record a solo album for Atlantic Records.

The duo moved to DefJam for their third album, a much more successful album with better production and harder beats. In the midst of a political climate in Hip Hop, EPMD never felt the need to insert politics or social philosophy into their music. Instead, thee content of much of their work embodied personal self-advancement and potential.

EPMD reunited in 1997, releasing "Back In Business", their first album in nearly five years. The duo continue to make music to this day, and their message hasn't changed at all.