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FIELD MOB - From Tha Roota To Tha Toota. Throughout its history, hip-hop has seen several dynamic duos make an indelible impression on rap music. Eric Sermon and Paris Smith (EPMD), DJ Run and DMC (RunDMC), Big Boi and Andre 300 (Outkast), Pimp C and Bun B (UGK) and 8ball & MJG are all duos who made history by creating albums that are considered classics by hip-hop aficionados. To this list of twosomes, we will soon be able to add Boondox Blax and Kalage, two incredibly talented young MCs who call themselves the Field Mob. Their long awaited sophomore offering entitled From Tha Roota To Tha Toota is poised to placed them at the top of the hip-hop charts.

Taking its name from an old Southern expression used in reference to all of the parts of a pig that one eats, From Tha Roota To Tha Toota takes on a special meaning to the Field Mob. “It really means from the inside of the pig to the outside of the pig and that’s what we’re giving y’all on the album this time. We’re giving y’all who we really are,” says Boondox. “We represent that Down South sound from the beginning to the end,” adds Kalage. “We cover all aspects of this game. We don’t mind touching on every subject…every subject that has something to do with us, our lives, how we feel about it, how we look at it.”

Boondox Blax (nče Darion Crawford) and Kalage (Shawn Johnson) were born and raised in Albany, Georgia, the same state that, only a few decades ago gave birth to soul music. According to Field Mob, Albany is a place where the average citizen sees more than their share of hard times. Boondox Blax explains that a major part of Albanians’ woes are due to the dismal state of the city’s economy. “Albany is like a metropolitan area, but it’s rural at the same time. And by it being like that, it’s slow but it’s fast at the same time. It’s like running on a treadmill. You’re running, but at the same time you’re not going nowhere either. There really ain’t no jobs in Albany for young Blacks.

” Field Mob first came together when the two met at their alma mater Monroe High School. It was during a freestyle session held during lunch period. The two went head up against each other for four weeks straight with each one trading off victories until they finally realized that competing against one another was futile. So the two joined forces, called themselves Field Mob, a name they took from their neighborhood, and hit the ground running.

After paying major dues struggling to make it, Boondox and Kalage scored a deal with an independent record label and dropped their first single entitled “Project Dreamz” and hit the road to promote it. The record created a big buzz in the Georgia area, which eventually caught the attention of MCA Records. The label promptly inked a deal with the duo and released their brilliant debut LP, 613: From Ashy to Classy. Hailed by hip-hop press outlets such as The Source and Murder Dog as one of the best albums of 2001, the Field Mob’s first LP helped earn them enough props in the hip-hop game and soon they were being sought after by well known regional artists. Trick Daddy tapped them for a guest appearance for his upcoming LP entitled Thug Holiday and Big Boi from Outkast called on them to drop a few verses on his upcoming solo project. Also, esteemed DJ Greg Street asked the duo to do a song on his compilation album, entitled 6 O’clock.

All of this hard work has certainly paid off by building the anticipation for Field Mob’s long awaited sophomore LP, From Tha Roota To Tha Toota, which is arguably the duo’s best work to date. Produced by a variety of top notch producers such as Jazze Pha (Nappy Roots, Big Tymers, etc), Earth Tone (Outkast, Slim Cutter Calhoun, etc.), Field Mob’s long time producer Ole E and newcomer Willie Cool, From Tha Roota To Tha Toota finds the Field Mob at their absolute artistic best. “Haters” featuring Trick Daddy is an explosive track that is filled with eeeearth shattering 808 and flaming hot lyrics aimed at playa haters who are trying to block the group’s inevitable rise to the top. With Trick and the boys from the field, this track is bound to be a favorite of both the club and the streets.

Jazze Pha produced the LP’s scintillating lead single “Sick of Being Lonely” featuring the enchanting vocalist Torica. Boondox and Kalage show their sensitive side by flipping the script on men and telling the tale of a cheating lover from the female point of view. “The song is about a real life situation that everybody goes through,” says Kalage. “This is a subject that both sides can relate to.” From Tha Roota To Tha Toota strikes a judicious balance between cool laid back jams filled with powerful lyrics, crunk club joints, and grimy street oriented joints that are sure to please fans regardless of their musical preference.

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FIELD MOB ON BET'S RAP CITY 1-31-03 by Uncle Jamz Field Mob will appear on BET's Rap City on Friday, January 31, 2003 at 4pm eastern time. The show will be hosted by Redman, Eric Sermon and Keith Murray. On Saturday, February 1st, the duo will perform on Soul Train on WGN.

FIELD MOB SCORES A TOP TWENTY HIT AND MORE by Uncle Jamz Field Mob's single "Sick Of Being Lonely" moves to #20 on Billboard's HOT R&B & HIP-HOP SINGLES & TRACKS CHART for the week of February 8, 2003. This marks the act's first top twenty record. The single in its 21st week on that chart is still growing.The record moves to #13 on Billboard's Hot Rap Singles Chart in its 8th week on that chart. On the coveted pop chart, called THE HOT 100, the records leaps twelve spots to #46 in its ninth week on the chart. The group's fifth single in their three year career, is #15 on R&R Urban Chart.

Soul Train 02.01.03 by ashley d Field Mob performs "Sick of Being Lonely" on Soul Train February 1, 2003. Please check local listings for times or click the link to find your local times... Don't miss your boys get loose on Soul Train Feb 1, 2003. Click here!! SoulTrain

Jimmy Kimmel Live! by ashley d There's a new late night talk show in town. It's all about Jimmy Kimmel Live cuz Field Mob is repping February 13, 2003. Peep your Albany boyz on ABC February 13, 2003. 12:05/11:05pm. Click the link to get more info on Jimmy Kimmel Live.... ABCNews/

Tour dates/radio shows: 2/2 Jackson, MS - WJMI Show, 2/8 Georgia Congress Center-Atlanta, GA, 2/13 Los Angeles - KKFR Show, 2/14 Tuscon, AZ - KOHT Show, 3/1 Greensboro, SC - WJMH Show Upcoming Events for Field Mob by Uncle Jamz Field Mob fans look forward to the group's new music video for "All I Know" featuring Cee-Lo to air on music video stations in late January. The video was shot in Atlanta last week with special appearances by Cee-Lo and comedian Rickey Smiley. The video for "Sick Of Being Lonely" was on the nomination list for the Soul Train Music Awards.The duo is currently scheduled to appear in Phoenix, AZ 1/30 and Tuscon, AZ 1/30 topped off by an appearance at the NBA's Club NBA during All-Star Weekend in Atlanta on February 8th..