"What It Is To Burn"
A Man. A Woman.
A Date With Fate.
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What It Is To Burn (Live)
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Raw Intensity - by heitzie Driven by undeniable passion, Finch dive headlong into songs laden with raw intensity to create a perfect union of post-hardcore angst and melodic rock dynamics. With a tip of the hat to their musical peers and influences, Finch confidently push at the boundaries set before them.

The band has come a long way since their formation in the late '90s. In those days, the Temecula, California based band was called Numb. Though currently a nearly identical lineup of those early days, Finch has now found their own unique voice, and a permanent membership of frontman Nate Barcalow, guitarists Randy Strohmeyer and Alex Linares, bassist Derek Doherty and drummer Alex Pappas.

The band's jump from the world of practicing in the garage to being signed was a real grassroots process. Randy had kept in touch with Drive-Thru ever since writing a fan letter to the label years earlier. As he worked on his music, through previous bands, he kept the lines of communication open with the label.

When Finch were ready, Randy called upon the label. "Richard (Reines, Drive-Thru Record's owner) was like, "All right, come and play for me," says Randy. "So we rented a studio. Richard was basically doing it as a favor. But we went up there and played, and he was blown away." Richard was so taken with the band, that he called his sister (Drive-Thru co-owner) Stefanie into the studio to check the band out. She was duly impressed, and Finch was offered a recording contract on the spot.

Drive-Thru sent the band into the studio to record shortly thereafter. Their debut, the Falling Into Place EP, provides listeners with a tantalizing glimpse into the group's obvious talent and musical potential. Even though the EP only features four songs, each track is a superb conglomeration of emo-core and unbridled aggression. Produced by Chris Fudurich (The Hippos, Rx Bandits), Falling Into Place was released on October 9, 2001.

In August/September 2001, the band holed up at Big Fish Studio in Encinitas, CA to begin working on its first full length. At the helm was Mark Trombino, whose production and engineering work has brought out the best in Jimmy Eat World, Blink 182, Midtown and many others. The result of their collective labors is What It Is To Burn, a soaring collection of 13 tracks -- the album shimmers with sincerity. Ranging between emo melodies, punk rhythm, pop hooks and aggressive breakdowns, it covers the entire emotional spectrum. Not unlike Thursday, Deftones and Jimmy Eat World, Finch embrace disparate influences within their music the differences create a stronger whole.

Lyricist/vocalist Nate Barcalow reaches his full potential on What It Is To Burn. Barcalow exhibits a lyrical maturity beyond his years. Powerful and evocative, What It Is To Burn deals with the emotional roller-coaster that is a relationship. It¹s an unlikely ode to the pit-of-the-stomach pain that only a loved one can cause and the strength it takes to carry on through all the intrigue and frustration.

What It Is To Burn was release on March 12, 2002 and immediately hit the Billboard Top 200 chart. Finch hit the road with Rx Bandits for a quick run before spending the summer playing their hearts out for the fans on the Drive-Thru Records stage on the Warped Tour. In short order the band then hit Japan and Europe and then signed on to play with labelmates New Found Glory and Something Corporate for another US run.

No matter where you are this summer or what you call your particular brand of music, Finch will be there for you. Because, regardless of the names 'rock,' 'punk,' 'emo,' 'hardcore,' or 'nu metal,' a solid bridge has finally been built between them by Finch.