"Legend of the Liquid Sword"

"Beneath The Surface"

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GZA - Legend of The Liquid Sword

GZA returns with a Legend of The Liquid Sword. In stores Dec. 10. Cameos from WU-TANG CLAN members Ghostface Killah, RZA, Instpectah Deck, & more.

"Dubbing his latest disc Legend of the Liquid Sword, which borrows its name from his classic debut Liquid Swords, puts GZA's hard-earned rep right on the line. Laying on each track like a mattress, GZA performs metaphorical orgies that'd put Hugh Hefner to shame. And by keeping the guest appearances to a minimum, GZA does well to live up to his own legend."

-The Source

"On his latest, Legend Of The Liquid Sword, the Genius goes right back into his chamber with his tried-and-true recipe: extra-hard bass beaters, organic instrumentation and sharp lyrics."


"GZA backs his steady, measured flow with enough production power to rouse the world from its slumber. The album's most eye-opening track, "Animal Planet" layers the rising and crashing of heavy drums under a smoky vocal sample as GZA introduces a world where giraffes 'play lookout for gorillas in the mist.' But unlike some of that wild kingdom's inhabitants, GZA is far from extinction. He's still a beast."


"The head of the Wu-Tang Voltron known for his dense lyricism and precise flow returns to put a bullet through our thinking caps."


"GZA's new album Legend Of The Liquid Sword has everything you used to love about hip-hop and nothing you did not; no silly pop hooks, no backpack rap posturing - just straight -up saturnine tracks of hard beats and baroque orchestrations, and conspiratorial lyrics."

-The Fader