What's in a name? In the case of IMx, plenty, for IMx is Immature reborn. Batman, Romeo, and LDB, together since childhood, are children no more, and with the coming of manhood comes a dramatic change of name. What hasn't changed, however, is the vocal trio's razor-sharp musical instincts. As their newest MCA album "Introducing IMx" shows, IMx is more versatile, more harmony-rich, and more self confident than ever. "It feels like a new beginning for us," says Romeo. "we've got a whole new level of excitement, a new level of energy."

The upbeat debut single, "Stay The Night" is one of the album's catchiest tunes, with IMx's customary tight harmonies and a tight rap break by Romeo. "Keep It On The Low" tells the tale of a complicated love triangle-plus, with new rapper RaRa featured on the break. Tender, harmony-rich ballads like "In & Out Of Love" and "Everytime" offer counterpoint to funky double time tracks like "Trick", "Temptations", and "Old School Love", the latter featuring a hot rap break by Smooth.

For now, IMx has one thing on their collective minds: getting back on the roadin support of the new album. "The #1 thing we want people to know," says Batman, "is that this album is very hot, that we really appreciate our fans, and how much we want to thank them."