One of the most extraordinary voices in R&B, Jesse Powell returns with his third signature release on Silas/MCA Records, simply entitled "JP". On the heels of his gold-selling album, "‘Bout It", which reintroduced “You,” its #1 hit single. This Gary, Ind. Native serves as one of the executive producers, songwriters and arrangers on this stellar work of art. The first single, “If I,” offers a heart-wrenching performance that reaches an incredible climactic moment only possible, when sang by Jesse Powell with his four-octave range. JP promises to be the messenger to all women with its constant romantic pulling of the heart strings. In addition, Jesse serves as the modern-day Cyrano for men, delivering a melodic serenade of their heart’s desires. Having grown up in a musical family, Jesse stands out from the rest of the male crooners by delivering music straight from the heart with no pretense. It’s truly sincere.

"'Bout It", was Jesse Powell's second Silas/MCA album, and clearly, the growth in between that and his debut is evident. The set of 10 songs, half of which were co-written by Powell, showcase the artist's formidable, ever-maturing skills as a singer, songwriter, and producer. Vocally, Powell is sensitive, powerful and assured as he delivers street-smart, hip-hop soul such as the sexy "Up and Down" as effortlessly as he croons folky acoustic gems such as "You Should Know" and his co-production of the romantic "You're the One I Love." In between, Powell boldly dabbles in the retro soul of "I Can Tell" and the back-door man love drama "She Wasn't Last Night" with the kind of impassioned vocal rippin' and runnin' that suggests he knows just a little bit about the subjects of which he sings. But then, after he skillfully throws down on the soulful ballads -- the title track, "'Bout It, 'Bout It" and the yearning plea "Are You Missing My Love," both co-penned by Powell -- you quickly realize the truth: Jesse's dynamic voice simply never met a melody it didn't like. "I'm very happy with the album," says the handsome, soft-spoken Powell. "It's a 'now' record that doesn't sacrifice the quality of the songs. That's not always easy to do when you're making a record, but we achieved it and I'm proud of the way it all turned out."