"Most Wanted"

Kane & Abel

Artists: Kane & Abel
Title: Most Wanted
Mics: 4 mics Production: Hex Luger, Big Ro, David Banner, and Full-Pack
Release date: Sept. 26, 2000
Label: Most Wanted Records
Executive producers: Kane & Abel
Status: over 834,234 copies in counting sold as of March 03, 2001

New Orleans underground rap superstars Kane and Abel are back with their action-packed fourth album, Most Wanted.

The hard-hitting identical twins have already sold over 3.5 million units of their previous albums with No Limit Records and Elektra Records.

Their label, Most Wanted Empire, has signed a multi-million dollar distribution deal with Valley Media DNA (Distribution North American), and Kane and Abel's release is one of the hottest albums of the year.

Kane & Abel are identical twin brothers born seven minutes apart from each other in the Bronx, NY. The twins' parents were murdered when they were six years old, so they were raised in foster homes and with relatives until the age of 15.
At this age, they moved to New Orleans, LA. After struggling for several years to make it in the rap game the twins met Mia X who was impressed with their impromptu freestyle and in turn introduced them to millionaire hip hop mogul Master P.

Master P signed the twins immediately and went on to sell a massive amount of Kane and Abel's albums. "Somebody Gotta Pay," produced by Crooked Lettaz's David Banner, is hot, featuring long, hard guitar strums, scattered kick drums and wavering synthesizers.

And Big Ro's "Snakes," a dis to fake friends, introduces a new sound, using echoing keyboard effects and simple handclaps that make bobbing your head irresistible. "Cause when the DJs mix "Shake It Like a Dog" with Juvie's "Back That Azz Up," nobody on the dance floor is going to stop to compare or complain. -These are words from Billy Jonhson Jr., a writer from the Source Magazine.