"Here Come the Lords"

"Keepers of the Funk"

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Lords Of The Underground

Based in Newark, New Jersey, Lords Of The Underground became well known on a national level while on tours with Cypress Hill and Funkdoobiest. The group first met at college where they majored in radio communication. Lords are comprised of MC's Doitall and Mr Funke (aka Mr Funky), and their DJ, Lord Jazz. Doitall and Mr Funke were originally solo artists, collaborating for the first time on a cut called 'Psycho'.

Their first effort, 'Flow On' was issued as a single, remixed by Pete Rock. Their debut album was produced by Marley Marl, and the group went on to have a string of hits on Pendulum Records , including "Keepers Of The Funk", that typified the Hip Hop coming out of New Jersey in the early nineties.

The Source (12/94, p.84) - 3.5 Mics - Dope - "...they delete some of their non-accessible attributes and concentrate on streamlining their image...The album's surprise, `Faith,' is as gospel as any hardcore group maintaining street credibility can be..."
Vibe (11/94, p.129) - "...Unlike rappers who follow the trend of the moment...They talk about their lyrical dexterity and about staying genuine to the music and culture of hip hop..."
Rap Pages (12/94, p.32) - 6 - "...KEEPERS OF THE FUNK is full of the same flavor that made the Lords' first album such a success..."
Melody Maker (6/3/95, p.37) - "...exudes an enticing, reverberating spaciousness, the sound of a piano tumbling down a six-storey tenement stairwell....And...these guys are funny....After an impromptu human beatbox sesh, they complain about getting showered in saliva..."
Option (3-4/95, p.114) - "...With vocals that are neither too menacing nor too slick, Lords deftly combine the intense and casual on their aptly-titled second album....KEEPERS OF THE FUNK shows that Lords Of The Underground have the talent to outlast most of their peers..."