The Hip Hop generation is about to experience "The Next Movement" in sound innovation, a quantum leap embodied in the humansound wave known as RAHZEL.

A menber of the platinum-sellers The Roots, RAHZEL has redefined the beat box. Mastering the essential Hip Hop art form of "vocal percussion", he has emerged as its greatest vituoso. A master performer and live powerhouse, RAHZEL has been featured with other superstars including The Fugees, Rage Against The Machine, The Beastie Boys, and LL Cool J. Now, he takes center stage - "All I Know" is the first single from his forthcoming release entitled "Make The Music 2000", on MCA Records. "All I Know" was produced by Pete Rock, and is represented in an incredibly funny and innovative video which is all over.

MAKE THE MUSIC 2000 is the debut solo album from talented hip-hop artist Rahzel. Utilizing his mic skills, beat-boxing talent, and general sound-generating artistry, this member of The Roots proves that he's force to be reckoned with. The album was produced by Marly Marl, and its title gets its origin from an old-school Biz Markie track. The first single, "All I Know," is an exercise in sound gymnastics, while "To the Beat" features an inspired performance from Q-Tip. There guest spots from Slick Rick ("Night Riders"), Erykah Badu ("Southern Girl"), and Me'Shell Ndegeocello and Brandford Marsalis on "Steal My Soul." MAKE THE MUSIC 2000 will keep your head bobbing into the next millennium.

Vibe (8/99, p.177) - "...captivating debut...Rahzel perfects the art of noise...like no other....an eclectic mix that hopefully reflects what we have to look forward to in the new millennium."
Rap Page
s (9/99, pp.177-8) - "...wonderously offers proof that Rahzel's ststus of 'Godfather of Noyze' will no doubt stretch well into the millennium." - Rating: B
The Source
(9/99, pp.308-10) - 3 mics (out of 5) - "...[elevates] the beatbox to new artistic heights....bouncing between MC and beatbox duties with great panache, he lays down solid verses punctuated by a variety of dizzying vocal scratches and verbal effects....MAKE THE MUSIC 2000 soars..."