"The Diary"

Rap-A-Lot Records


Formerly a member of Houston's most famous rappers, the Geto Boys, Scarface's solo debut was filled with sex and violence, and included 'Body Snatchers', 'Born Killer', and "Diary Of A Madman'. Mo' Better Music was instrumental in bringing both the hit single "Never Seen A Man Cry" to the top of the charts, and bringing the album to platinum status. Scarface almost single-handedly created the hard, bass-heavy sounds of Houston, Texas, and successfully morphing that sound from a regional to a nationally recognized part of rap music.

The Source (1/95, p.88) - 4 Stars - Slammin' - "...Scarface is business as usual lyrically...this Geto boy has tapped into something new and has laid the foundation for an even brighter future..."
Vibe (12/94-1/95, p.144) - "...THE DIARY is the sonic equivalent of a fists-in-the-air, blood-on-the-wall, helicopter-detonating, action-adventure flick. And he's the anti-hero..."
Q Magazine (3/95, p.103) - 4 Stars - Excellent - "...full of funky bass, whining synthesizers, and dramatic strings, the lyrics choked with bitter pathos, it roars away like an epic tragedy."
New Musical Express
(12/3/94, p.41) - 8 - Excellent - "...a high-minded, haunting attempt to find some sense to the debris of the projects....an album that deserves to be heard; a sustained argument against the supposed irresponsibility of gangsta..."