Doh' Doh'
Listen to "Doh' Doh'" from the Welcome To Tha House, Vol. 1 by the Doggy Style All Stars Listen:
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"Not Like It Was"
by Ashley D

"Tell it like it is, and not like it was..." Bang this on your box. Check out this hot track from the Snoop Dogg Doggystyle All Stars Compilation CD!
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Welcome To Tha House, The Doggumentary DVD

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg Presents-Welcome To Tha House, Vol. 1

Snoop Dogg: Press Release - Girls Gone Wild 8/12/2002 by Ashley D


When fans buy Snoop Dogg's new Doggy Style All-Stars album Welcome to Tha House, Vol. 1., they'll have more on their hands than just great music: they'll also have the key to hot and sexy footage of Snoop consorting with the beautiful co-eds of "Girls Gone Wild Doggy Style," the latest edition of the outrageous home video series. Available exclusively to album buyers, the bonus content can be found by logging on to or Doggy Style and MCA Records have used Infotects CDKey technology that identifies the album in the owner's CD-ROM drive, permitting rewards to be delivered securely and only to intended end-users. For Doggy Style fans, the feature opens the door to a peek behind the scenes on location with "Girls Gone Wild Doggy Style," unreleased music tracks from the album, and a preview of the soon to be released Doggy Style All Stars “Doggumentary” DVD. Welcome to Tha House Vol. 1. arrives in stores August 13th.

Welcome To Tha House, Vol. 1. is Snoop's debut release with MCA Records. The collection was executive produced by Snoop Dogg and showcases his Doggy Style All Stars, which includes himself, Soopafly, LaToiya Williams, Mr. Kane, and E-White, with appearances from Special Ed, Cam'ron, Nate Dogg, RBX, Daz Dillenger, Lady of Rage, and Prodigy of Mobb Deep. Among the album's producers are DJ Premier, the Alchemist, DJ Scratch, and Hi-Tek. LaToiya Williams' "Fallen Star" is the album's first single and video, to be followed by "Doh Doh," which will be performed on "The Tonight Show" August 16 by Snoop, Soopafly, Kane and White. Snoop is also working on a solo album for MCA due later this year.

The bonus content includes choice clips from "Girls Gone Wild Doggy Style." Snoop Dogg is the first-ever celebrity host in the latest installment of the mega-successful Girls Gone Wild series, due out in DVD and VHS formats in early September. The 60-minute home video takes viewers to New Orleans for Mardi Gras 2002 to witness the real-life hedonism that ensues when a high-profile rapper (with a camera crew in tow) wades into throngs of uninhibited revelers. Snoop Dogg not only hosts the program, he directed some of the segments as well.